Creating Orchestra Video with multiple video windows

I am putting together a synchronized virtual orchestra video for a youth orchestra. Planning to collect the videos from orchestra members that they will create while listening to an accompaniment track. I will then synchronize the audio in garage band or audacity and then bring it all into WeVideo and line up the videos. I saw a youtube of someone doing this in WeVideo.
Anyone know if there is a limit to the number of videos I can run simultaneously on screen? Need to know this before I get too far.

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Thanks for reaching out here @scott.1 :star_struck: I have a few samples that I thought might interest you:

AV club students created this Brady Bunch Parody

A local choir director created this virtual sing-along

Is this the effect you’re hoping to achieve? Let me know and I can help connect you to these awesome WeVideo creators. :sunglasses:

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Jeremie, I think the choir example answered my question. They had at least 40 videos playing simultaneously.
A follow up question is around processing speed. Because your software is cloud hosted, does that mean the processing is taking place on your end. One of my concerns is that my laptop may not be powerful enough to do this (reading some examples in Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro). Would love to connect with the creator of the Virtual Choir Sing if that possibility exists. Thanks


Are you able to share the way to do this in wevideo. I am looking for a 4 screen in one set up to teach a round song. Appreciate any support you can offer ASAP.

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@scott.1 @bronwyn.davis Katie Bowes posted this in our WeVideo Educators Facebook group. You can connect with her there and I’ll message her as well to see if she can share here.

If you can direct message me, my students put together our celebration of the cancelled musical and i can ask them any question you have or host a live chat so you could talk with the two producers/editors.

Joseph - Brebeuf Jesuit

[relatively certain processing is server side and preview uses available browser resources, but @jeremie.gluckman would be better to answer that]

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The quick explanation is on Slide 9 Below (Multishots: Scaling & Moving Clips)

You basically resize each clip in a layer to take up 1/4 of the screen. You can also use the animation tab to move a clip around or grow/shrink it.

Good Luck

Tips and Tricks in 2 Slides or Less

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I did the virtual choir film and am happy to help anyone with questions. I would advise not trying to process any more than 5 videos at a time. I didn’t separate the audio to audacity as I’ve never been great using that so I did all audio and video using wevideo. I grouped the original audio with 4 video and audio tracks then saved it as one film then using that as video 1 and layering another 4 on top.

Hope that helps.



Could you do it by layering each video onto a different track? It would be a lot though to sync up the sound when going for the choir effect.

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Love all of the sharing here. I also noticed that our support center has a helpful article on how to achieve this:

Hello! I wanted to make sure you saw this recent WeVideo Tips & Tricks episode :grinning:

Check out all of the tips on the blog.